Philosophy & style

Our philosophy behind every portrait is simple. And that is to capture and create images that present and future generations will enjoy, not only for its beauty but also for all its emotional value and importance. Our approach is to capture a subject’s essential character in a beautiful yet honest way by creating unique images with emotion and impact. 


A portrait session with us is not only about taking some images, which will look nice for a few weeks, it is about laying down the roots of a new family, a new child, a generational gift that will stand the test of time and be seen by generations to come.

Whether it's a portrait of an individual, family or group, these images provide years of enjoyment and reflections for those in the photograph as much as they will for those that will inherit them.

While we enjoy our studio style work, outdoor and environmental portraiture is by far our most popular and greatest accomplishment. Whether at the beach or in a special secluded area in the backyard, outdoor photography produces a quality that can't be duplicated in the studio.

As with our other types of photography we prepare for success. We begin with a design consultation to help find the location or background that fits your tastes. Identify the clothes that will best fit you and the scene and coordinate a time that will present the best light for the occasion.

This sometimes is not so easy to do, yet something that we have a goal for achieving because we take the time to get to know you. It is essential that our sessions are relaxed and real, in a setting that allows you to feel comfortable and be yourself. Our style is best suited to natural light and outdoor spaces and we will work together to choose the right location. This may mean starting at home before exploring the local fields, woods and parks or might even mean a drive to the coast.

On the day of the shoot we will ask you to put aside a little time because portrait photography shouldn’t be rushed if you want it to be a genuine reflection of the people involved. Before the shoot we will discuss location possibilities and the importance of clothing, particularly what doesn’t work well on camera.  When we arrive and if possible we would like to take a few minutes to get to know the individuals better and look at your location and outfit ideas. 

We'll do our very best to provide a great experience, fantastic service and beautiful photography that looks and feels like a work of art.