Philosophy & Style

A Wedding album is more than just a montage of images. It is the reflections of two individuals with separate styles, personalities, and tastes who are joining together as one. As Wedding Photographers we understand that each wedding is a unique and very special moment in time. And with that understanding our approach is to capture in photographs all the beauty, elegance and excitement of your wedding that you will want to treasure for generations to come.

Our philosophy is simple, that great images should still be able to communicate the same feeling to the viewer many years later as they did on the wedding day itself.

That's why we take a personal interest in getting to know our clients, since they will work closer with us than any other professional before, during and after the wedding. Only then can we create wedding photographs that are true reflections of the Bride and Groom, and not reflections of us, the photographers.

Our style can best be described as a storybook concept to wedding coverage - which is a combination of traditional and photojournalistic coverage. To explain, the traditional style includes all of the wedding images you have come to expect, including posed photos of the Bride and Groom, Wedding Party Attendants, Family, Special Friends and Guest.

The photojournalistic style includes candid, un-posed and spontaneous photographs throughout the wedding day. When combined, the complete story of the wedding is told and presented in an album for the couple to enjoy for the rest of their lives. This most exciting concept to wedding photography brings us to our primary goal, to produce for our clients the most important story of their lifetime - they're wedding.

With this in mind, we suggest that in order to find out more, you first complete the contact form and set up a time and day to meet up with us, not only to discuss your wedding day in more detail but also to view our work first hand and decide on what collection or product best suits you.

It is our commitment to do our very best to provide a great experience, fantastic service and beautiful photography that our clients have come to appreciate.

Find out more about how our clients feel about us in the testimonial section and keep up to date with recent images on our Blog or Facebook page.