Let's Celebrate ...

Sister Essie Wilson

Sister Essie Wilson

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in the celebration of a birthday party. This was not just any ordinary party, but a special party for one of our church members. Special because a very high percentage of the people on this planet will not ever get to this stage in their lives. Born in the month of July, in the year 1911, Miss. Essie Wilson (Sister Wilson we call her) has reached a point in her life that only God can allow...and that is the age of 105 years old. Now it is one thing to hear of people getting that old and there or some out there who may be older, but to actually know of someone personally, that to me is quite an honor.


It's Official...Personal Touch Photographics has a new look!

We are excited to present our newly re-designed website which is now available for all of our visitors and patrons.

We are Orlando's premier wedding and portrait on-location studio providing full-service photography through-out the Central Florida area and beyond.  If you’re a bride and groom, an individual or family looking to capture that precious moment in time, or just in the market for photographic services to cover a lifestyle event, you can count on us to help make your endeavor a reality. 

So sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and take a look around. If you have any questions or need more information about our services please be sure to get in touch with us by completing our “request form” to check our availability for your next project or event. Also visit our blog often as I'll be posting articles from news to clients sessions to new and refreshing ideals and information. We are dedicated to improving our service and giving our patrons the best we have to offer. All the best ...

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